Gambling Worldwide : Unusual and Exotic Forms of

Unusual and Exotic Forms of Gambling Worldwide

When we talk about Gambling Worldwide, the things that immediately come into our mind are casinos, roulette, poker, slot machines, etc. But outside the world of casinos, there are several forms of unpopular gambling activities around the world.

For Australians, sea crabs racing may appear as a commonplace activity. But for others, it may sound unusual or even exotic for some. Most times, current state laws treat unique gambling activities as illegal. Find out the strange forms of gambling by reading this.

Pachinko – Asian Version of Western Slot Machines

Pachinko is a gaming machine that originated in Asia. It is a mixture of vertical pinball and “one-armed bandit.” The gameplay involves metal balls poured in the uppermost part of the machine, and the pachinko player will use the lever to control the firing speed on the machine’s playing field. The balls go down into the maze, go into waste, while a single ball hits the target and receives an advantage.

There is no cash equivalent of winning in a pachinko. You can use the balls to continue playing or exchange them for prizes, such as perfumes, lighters, etc. On the other hand, pachinko shops handled by a yakuza allow the exchange of money.

Cockroach Racing – Giant Cockroaches in Madagascar Gambling Worldwide

In Madagascar, people join cockroach racing, using giant cockroaches six to ten centimeter-long. These types of critters are one of the fastest species among insects.

There is also a popular cockroach racing event held in Australia. Some reported that it started Brisbane town, where students organize insect races. Frankly, these roach racing got so popular that media outlets televise cockroach competition on national TV. They also celebrate the annual cockroach day every January 26th.

Goat Runs and Crab Racing in the Southern Caribbean

In Trinidad and Tobago, locals boast of its traditional tourist attraction through goat and crab races. This annual racing event usually happens every Easter, where several tourists gather. For its residents, animal racing and competitions serve as entertainment and business source for Tobago’s people.

Guinea Pigs Racing – Columbia’s Street Entertainment Gambling Worldwide

In Columbia, guinea pig racing is a form of street entertainment and gambling activity. The rules are relatively simple: participants will bet on a single numbered house set on the ground, and everyone waits which numbered house the guinea pig chooses. This gambling activity serves as a tourist attraction in Columbia.

Pigeon Racing – Feathered Competitions in Taiwan

Among Asian nations, Taiwan is the origin of bird competitions. These competitions have been around for centuries, where residents organize 500 races in a week in places where there are millions of sporting birds.

Besides casino gambling, there are still countless forms of gambling worldwide. In almost any culture, you may encounter unusual and weird gambling activities. Generally, it serves as a pastime, entertainment, and cultural activity.

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